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Norwood Construction Services has been inspecting schools since 1991. The state of California requires per the “Field Act” of 1933 that a “Competent” inspector continuously inspect the construction of K-12 and Junior Colleges during construction.

Norwood Construction Services provides competent inspectors to school districts throughout the state of California. The philosophy is to not just provide inspections, but to team up with DSA, the architect, the builder and the school district to provide a seamless thorough inspection service.

Norwood Construction Services has a long history with DSA and the staff at each office statewide. We are proud to be able to enter each office and work side by side with DSA to navigate through the construction process and provide not just inspections, but vision. The vision from the ground up. The vision to see and forecast each phase of the construction process. The expertise to stay current with the ever evolving code cycles, the new laws and the newest delivery methods.

See www.dgs.ca.gov/dsa for more details into the inspection programs. Follow on Facebook at “California Division of the State Architect”