Commercial Property Inspections

Norwood Construction Services performs a full scope of Commercial Property inspections. NCS utilizes DSA and OSHPD inspectors to perform the inspections. NCS follows ASTM standards for PCR (Property Condition Reports) and PCA (Property Condition Assessments).

NCS also performs ADA/Casp site surveys and inspections as one of many inspections that can be requested.

NCS has inspected well over 5 million square feet of K-12 Schools, Hospitals, retail centers, HUD housing, and Court Houses. NCS can provide extensive to selective inspections and reports as requested.

NCS has inspected properties from Southern California to Northern California.

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NCS provides the following services

  • Investors due diligence ASTM property condition assessments
  • Commercial property inspections
  • Acquisition inspections and ASTM due diligence PCA’s
  • Triple net lease inspections
  • Roof inspections
  • Construction draw reports
  • Loan origination inspections
  • Loan servicing inspections
  • Capital needs assessments
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Type of Buildings

  • Schools K-12
  • Junior colleges
  • Universities
  • Court Houses
  • Prisons
  • Jails
  • Hospitals
  • Long-term care facilities
  • Apartment buildings
  • Retail centers/Malls
  • Office buildings
  • Lodging Hotel/Motel
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Commercial Property Inspections

The ASTM E-2018 standards are widely recognized and applicable for most uses. There are some properties or needs that involve something less, greater or different from these standards and require a commercial property inspection.

The scope of our commercial property inspections starts out with the baseline property condition assessment process as outlined in the ASTM E-2018 standards as a starting point. The scope of the standard can be expanded to include dismantling and operation of readily accessible equipment and systems, maintenance recommendations with budgets, long term replacement schedules and cost to remedy deficiencies with no minimum cost threshold. This usually eliminates the need for obtaining service documents and interviewing called for in the standards. The end result can provide a more detailed picture of the condition of major and minor building components and maintenance (good or poor) has affected its life span and related maintenance costs. The final report will list the deficiencies, budgets figures to remedy them and detailed report with representative photos where appropriate.

We can also customize the scope of our inspection to meet your special needs. Reports can be in our format or yours.

Commercial property inspections and property condition assessments include the condition, life expectancy and repair/replacement budgets for the roof systems, electrical services, common plumbing including hot water heaters, heating units, HVAC units interior/exterior walls, floors, windows and finished areas along with the grounds and surface lots adjacent to the building. When possible the report will include interviews with management and maintenance staff, providers of maintenance contracts on key equipment.

Most of our clients find that a commercial property inspection is appropriate for apartment buildings with less than 24 units, industrial building and office buildings of less than 20,000′, strip malls with less than 6 stores, individual stores of less than 10,000′, and any type of property for triple net leasing. If your short term budget does not allow for surprises of any size during the first year or two of ownership, you might want to consider an inspection with the scope expanded to be more invasive and inclusive than a property condition assessment.

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